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ABDL Questions + Answers

Image source: Little Red Faerie 

What is ABDL? 

ABDL stands for adult baby/ diaper lover. The L can also stand for “little”. It’s an umbrella term for a a range of interests that involve acting like a baby, using diapers, and doing childish or babyish things. Some people consider it a constant part of their life, while others just dabble in it from time to time.

What is the difference between an adult baby and a diaper lover? 

An adult baby is someone who enjoys regressing in their age and truly feeling like a baby. A diaper lover is someone who enjoys wearing and using diapers. And adult baby isn’t always a diaper lover, since there are people

Is ABDL a kind of mental illness? 

No, ABDL is not a mental illness. Most people who are in the ABDL lifestyle are ordinary people who happen to like these activities.

Are diapers hygienic? 

For the most part diapers are hygienic, as long as you change them often. After all, if they weren’t hygienic, no one would put them on their children! There’s always the risk of diaper rash, so make sure to clean up well.

Do all ABDL’s use diapers? 

Nope! Some people just like to feel little by playing with toys, having a caregiver or sucking on a pacifier. Littles are people who regress to age 5-8

Age-play and ABDL? 

Age-play is more of an activity while ABDL is more of a lifestyle. When someone pretends to be younger for a few hours, that’s age-play. For instance, one person pretends to be a little kiddo and their partner pretends to be a babysitter. ABDL is more of a lifestyle. Most people who are adult babies see themselves as having a “little” side that’s always there in the background, not just during the times that they are acting little. However, these words are open and age-players and ABDL’s use them in lots of ways.

What is age regression? 

Age regression is the temporary experience of feeling that you’re a younger age than you are. Age regression can make you feel like you’re a little kid or baby. This means your behavior will change, and you might want to drink from a bottle, giggle, drool, or be want to play with toys. It’s a temporary mental state that you can enter and exit. Some people want to regress to being a baby, while some want to regress to an older age. There can be triggers like words or objects like a special toy or blanket that can get you to regress faster.

How does hypnosis affect an ABDL?

Hypnosis helps people regress and get into the mindset of being a little kid. Many people have conscious or subconscious barriers with letting themselves enter the ABDL mindset. Hypnosis can sidestep those barriers. It also focuses the mind onto a specific images and ideas, which can create an intense experience. Repeated focused hypnosis sessions can also help ABDL’s build new habits, like oral fixations, bed wetting, and entering little space more easily.

Does the ABDL lifestyle involve pedophilia?

No, it doesn’t. ABDL is a mental state that people take on. Being treated like a baby, being diapered or acting childish is the focus of the ABDL lifestyle. It doesn’t involve attraction to children. An adult baby or little is drawn to the experience of feeling like a child, not to actual children. Most sex offenders don’t have any kind of ABDL history.

Is ABDL a fetish or a lifestyle? 

ABDL can be a fetish, lifestyle or both. Some people enjoy being infantilized as a fetish, because the humiliation or loss of control is exciting. Others enjoy it as a comforting lifestyle that might have no sexual components at all. And of course, there is everything in between.