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Quarantine = An Opportunity?

I just posted this post on my Patreon and decided to re-post it here. Where I live everything is shutting down – businesses, schools, restaurants, clubs, bars. I’m now working from home. Many people  I know are  working from home and staying in their apartments. Now this could be a negative thing, especially for people who are really extraverted. However there is also an upside – spending a lot of time at home can be an opportunity to try a new lifestyle. 

Have you wondered what it would be like to be diapered 24/7? To have accidents in the middle of the day? To drink out of a bottle every day? If you are in self quarantine mode, this can be the time to try it out. If you are normally anxious about wearing diapers throughout the day in case someone sees, it may be easier to do that now! If there are private things you don’t bring to work (like a pacifier) now you can have it with you all the time. 

I had this thought when I realized this morning, after a skype call from home, that I was wearing pajama pants. I thought, wow I can just wear pajama pants for the next three weeks and no one will stop me. Haha!  I don’t have to wear “work clothes.”  I know that not everyone can do this now. If you live with roommates, partners or have other big things to be taking care of now, it might not be the ideal time to dive into ABDL. I just hope that whatever your current situation is, you can find some positive side to it.  A quarantine doesn’t have to be all bad. It can be a chance to really explore ABDL.

This goes not only for ABDL but for other lifestyles as well. I also do a lot of BDSM hypnosis ( Time spent at home can be an opportunity to try other lifestyle changes as well – staying in chastity, wearing different clothes, experimenting with gender presentation. Being in quarantine can be isolating, but it can also be a time have personal, private time. The most important thing is to stay connected to others. And of course, if you are feeling ill, prioritize your health first and foremost. I hope everyone has a nice week! 

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Love your ABDL self: Don’t Binge and Purge

A common problem in the ABDL lifestyle is binging and purging. You go from jumping into the ABDL life to wanting to leave it. Plunging into something new, even if it’s something you like can be a shock. Diapers and baby items can bring out feelings of shame and anxiety because the ABDL life is still seen as fringe. However, that doesn’t mean this lifestyle can’t give you comfort and joy. I sometimes see advice for adult babies and littles claim drop everything and commit to this lifestyle. As a mommy, don’t support that. Nurture the changes that you see in yourself but don’t force them!

Take Baby Steps 

(Pun intended). If you’re just starting out in the lifestyle, start small. Get a comfort object- a pacifier or blankie, and start using it. Try things out one step at a time and see how it affects you. Remember there’s no rush to plunge into being an adult baby full time. If you take on too many habits too fast, you might start pushing it away. Too much change happening fast can exhaust anyone. The shock of plunging yourself into an ABDL lifestyle will not be in your favor, trust me. For instance, before deciding to become diaper dependent, try to wear diapers for one day during the week and work up to it slowly. Let your mind adjust and accept the things you are doing. If it feels like too much, take a break.

Box Your Baby Things, Don’t Throw Them Out 

The ABDL lifestyle comes in varying degrees. Some people live in diapers 24/7 and others only drop into little-space sometimes. There can be times when you have dry spells when you just aren’t feeling into it. This is perfectly normal – humans are never in a constant mental state. These dry spells are the times that babies and littles want to “purge” their habits by throwing away their diapers, toys and comfort items. During these times, instead of throwing them out, put them in a box for later. Remember:  even though you aren’t feeling drawn to these items now, you may want them later. Put the box away and if you still don’t want these things in 6 months, then throw them out. Break from the cycle of bingeing and purging.

Remember Why You’re ABDL 

If you find yourself getting into bouts of shame or uncertainty, remind yourself of all the things you enjoy in the ABDL lifestyle. There may be times when you feel shame or even rejection of the things you like, but remember you aren’t hurting anyone by liking what you like. Everyone has things that bring them comfort, and this is yours. It may help to keep a journal for yourself.  When you have a nice experience getting into little space or regressing, write about it. Describe the positive feelings you have for your ABDL activities, and later on when you’re feeling uncertainty, you can read through your thoughts. You’ll remember all the good things that come with being in the ABDL lifestyle.

Remember, everyone is on their own path and everyone has a right to enjoy it. Enjoy your ABDL self!