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I have moved my hypnosis recordings to a new platform, but the recordings are all the same! New recordings coming soon. Suggestions for new products are always welcome.

Wet Yourself Suggestion

As you fall into trance you slowly lose the ability to control your bladder muscles and follow instructions to squeeze and open the muscles. Guided imagery and suggestions make your bladder feel very full, until finally you can’t hold it anymore, and wet yourself. You will only feel the effects for the duration of the recording.

Length: 16:13 Minutes


Bath Time and Diaper Change

In this ABDL bath time recording, you drift into a warm trance. You listen to my nurturing and hypnotic voice and feel so little and warm. I give you a rubber ducky and play with the bubbles. After the bath I towel you off and change your diapers. The relaxing effects will last after the recording. You will also develop stronger positive feelings for baths and diaper changes with repeated listening.

Length – 15 minutes.


Bedwetting Suggestion Hypnosis

This suggestion recording is designed for listening each night. Your mind enters trance and you drop into a suggestible state. My suggestions reminds your body to associate your bed with a place where you can let go and wet the bed, without waking up. You should listen to this recording at night before going to bed, then turn it off an let the suggestions sink into your mind. The more you listen to it, the more easily you’ll have night time accidents.

Length: 30:16 Minutes


Loss of Bladder Control: Part 1 – Intro

Part 1 is an introduction into setting new habits and a new mindset for anyone curious about developing a permanent loss of bladder control. This is the first part of a 3 part series that uses trance to guide you to new habits. By the end of the three recording you will be on your way to being incontinent and dependent on diapers.

  • Ease away feelings of uncertainty
  • Practice bladder muscle relaxation
  • Set new habits – when you feel the urge you’ll go immediately. Over time, it will be less and less conscious.
  • The urge to go sooner and faster
  • Get a sense of comfort from being incontinent

 Length: 43:20 Minutes


Loss of Bladder Control: Part 2 -Deepener

Part 2 aims to deepen the effects of part 1, but it can also be a stand-alone recording. You will become more dependent on diapers as you listen. You fall into trance and your mind and body takes in the messages of this recording, deep into your subconscious. This recording aims to: 

  • Plant new habits – unclenching bladder muscles several times a day.
  • Take away self conscious feelings about being in public while in diapers.
  • Becoming less aware of the desire to go to the bathroom.
  • Wearing underwear starts to feel strange  , and you know you must wear diapers.

You can listen to this along with Part 1 and Part 3 of the loss of bladder control series.

Length: 40:11 minutes


Loss of Bladder Control: Part 3 – Final Stage

This hypnosis recording aims to cement habits and help you accept your incontinence. As you lose control of your bladder, your mind and body adapts. You fall into trance, and your mind accepts the final stage of this deep mental, subconscious change.

  • Cementing the mental awareness that this is permanent and the right thing for you.
  •  Loss of conscious awareness of the urge to go to the bathroom as you have more accidents whenever you are distracted. And then… when you’re not distracted.
  • Strong reinforcement of NO underwear. You must wear diapers.

Length: 42:44 Minutes


Loss of Bowel Control

This is hypnosis recording is centered on body relaxation. As you are in trance, you will find that your body gets reprogrammed to enter an ultra relaxed state. This recording primes your mind to ignore the signals that you have to go to the bathroom, and causes your bowel muscles to become so relaxed that they release automatically. Good for anyone who is interested in ABDL experiences or simply losing control of their bowels. This recording will have effects that last 24 hours.

Length: 50:49 minutes


Messing Accident!

This hypnosis recording guides into an age regression fantasy scenario where I am your Mommy. You are too distracted with your toys to notice the signals that it’s time to go potty!

It’s so hard to realize when it’s time to go #2. You don’t make it to the bathroom and end up having a little messing accident, which I quickly notice. This recording does not leave any lasting effects beyond the time that you are listening. While you listen you are mesmerized, and find that you envision every detail. Once it’s over you go back to regular life, as if nothing has happened.

Length- 25 minutes


Age Regression Recordings

Coming Soon!

I have several age regression recordings – but at the moment, I need to update my store and platform.

At the moment they are available only over email me.

To find out about these recordings please contact me and you can purchase through email.

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