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Toddler Regression Hypnosis

Allow your self to be guided into an age regression experience. As my motherly voice leads you into trance, you find yourself getting smaller and smaller until you are a toddler. 


Wet Yourself Hypnosis 

This hypnosis recording gets you to let go and release whatever is in your bladder. As you fixate on my voice you realize that your body and bladder muscles will respond to my commands, and you will wet your pants as you listen. 


Wet the Bed Hypnosis 

 My voice leads you slowly and deeply into a hypnotic state where I plant suggestions into your mind for you to wet your bed. There are no age regression components in this one- just my voice guiding you to lose control of your bladder tonight.  Hypnotic suggestive effects linger with you for the next day. 


Humiliation Wetting Hypnosis

In this hypnosis fantasy you find yourself in a helpless state. You’ve regressed to a younger age and are at the store with Mommy when something happens… you realize you are not really potty trained after all. Contains short term effects only. Contains themes of humiliation.

Holiday Baby Regression Hypnosis

A holiday time age regression recording! Relax with mommy for some holiday time activities, and let yourself relax. You relax so deeply that you have a little accident in your diaper. Short term effects – with some longer term relaxation that will last the rest of the day.