Custom Recordings

A custom hypnosis mp3 file can get you to exactly the place you need to be. When I create a custom file, I ask questions to find out what your goals are. Do you want short term or long term effects from the hypnosis? Do you want an age regression experience, changes in identity? Do you want new babyish habits and behaviors, or a recording focused on nurturing self acceptance?

We discuss what your need and desire, and I create something that fits these wants. I have been doing ABDL hypnosis for a few years now, and I am familiar with many of the obstacles that people in the ABDL lifestyle have. I am open to many themes and ideas, and I’m always open to working with new ideas. As a Hypno-Mommy I am always understanding of your individual experiences. No topics are off limits.

The Benefits of a Custom-Made File

Everyone has a different mind and different responses. A specially designed recording can be fitted for your mind and your responses. If you know that you respond well to a firm, strict Mommy rather than a soft Mommy, I can use that tone of voice. If you know that there’s certain words, phrases or fantasies you need to hear, I can include them. Once I know more about you, I will have a better idea of what sends you into trance, and what style you respond to best.

The hypnosis experience gets to be a special experience, just for you. Once you have it, you can listen to it as many times as you need, and feel the hypnotic effects getting stronger each time.

These are my prices:

  • 30 minutes – $100 
  • 45 minutes – $125
  • 60 minutes – $150 

As a hypnotist I don’t have many limits, so you can be very open about what you desire and what you’ve like to achieve. For a custom recording or questions contact me.