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Spankings from Mommy

Spankings from Mommy are a classic mode of punishment for a Mommy in the ABDL dynamic. When the little one is not following the rules, sometimes a spanking or two is in order.  

Of course a good ABDL Mommy will not give a spanking just because, she will spank her little one (the adult baby) because there is a reason. For instance: 

– If you’ve wet yourself and didn’t tell Mommy but instead tried to hide the evidence.  

– If you were supposed to wear your diaper but you broke the rule and wore underwear. 

– If you didn’t wear your diaper like you were supposed to and had an accident on the carpet.  

– If you secretly drank all that soda that you’re no allowed to drink before bed, and then wet the bed.  

– If you have an accident on the floor and try to blame it on the dog! But Mommy still finds your wet pants and knows that you are the pants wetter. 

– If you have an accident in your diaper and lie about it to Mommy. Mommy will just check your diaper and see what you’ve done. 

Of course a good ABDL Mommy can also spank you just because you’ve had the accident – this would be a very strict Mommy. In my mind, a Mommy who is a balanced authority will not spank you for an accident. She’ll just explain that you need to wear diapers for the rest of the day. If however you don’t follow Mommy’s diaper rule… then spankings are in order.  

I’m sure there are mixed opinions on spankings in the ABDL world, and if you want them to be part of your ABDL experience. Some adult babies and diaper lovers love the concept of punishment from Mommy and some  really prefer a soft, encouraging Mommy. What do you think about spankings? Comment below!

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Can hypnosis make you permanently bowel incontinent?

One of the bigger lifestyle changes – the permanent loss of bowel control can be hard to achieve. If you are new to ABDL you may wonder if it’s possible at all. It is possible! With some muscle training, behavior conditioning and hypnosis, anything is possible. This includes losing control of your muscles to the point that you wet and mess your diaper without even noticing.

Being able to loss control of your bladder is generally easier, with or without hypnosis. With time, the less you hold in your bladder, the less control of it you have. You can un-train these muscles if you focus on it every day. The main obstacle is that most people hold in their bladder muscles automatically. Hypnosis really helps with this, helping you learn to release your bladder as soon as it’s full. The post hypnotic effects will remind your body to wet your diaper automatically, unconsciously. Eventually you re-train your body to no longer hold in your bladder muscles and to simply let them relax. This is one of the core goals in my Permanent Loss of Bladder Control Mp3 files. You can read about Permanent Loss of Bladder Control part 1, part 2 and part 3.

Permanent Loss of Bowel Control

Now I’m working on hypnosis files focused on permanent loss of bowel control. Bowel muscles are tighter, stiffer and less fidgety than bladder muscles, which means it takes time. For ABDL’s who want to become completely diaper dependent and completely bowel incontinent this is more of a challenge. With hypnosis, patience and training it IS possible. If you are on the path to becoming diaper dependent, you’ll find you become bladder incontinent first, before you become bowel incontinent.

The most important thing with becoming so bowel incontinent that you mess your diaper, is changing your body’s automatic responses. You need to learn to relax your bowel muscles, when you have the urge to go. Hypnosis can condition you to change your automatic response. Instead of tightening your bowel muscles, you have the automatic instinct to give in and relax. You will go through a long phase of weakening Over time, as you do this more and your bowel muscles.

This is why the first hypnosis recording I’ve made with some element of bowel incontinence is a bowel weakening file. This file does not focus on making you completely incontinent, but simply weakening your bowel muscles.

I use a powerful hypnotic trance to hypnotize you and re-train your bowel muscles to be weaker, leaving long term effects. In the process I train your mind to relax and accept it. When you get the urge to go the bathroom, instead of tightening your muscles, your mind and body will start to relax.

Listening to this hypnosis file once a week will cause your bowel muscles to be a little bit weaker, but not completely incontinent. If you listen to this multiple times a week, the effects will get stronger over time an could lead to incontinence (this is a gradual process). You will notice some effects on your bowels muscles and your ability to control your urge within hours after listening to this recording.

Suggestions for those seeking Bowel Incontinence:

  • Get your water and fiber! If you drink more water and eat a lot of high fiber food like fruits and vegetables, you will find that’s easier for you to lose control of your bowels. It’s easier to mess your diaper when you eat soft, fiber rich foods.
  • Allow yourself to relax your body throughout the day
  • Practice loosening your bowel muscles when you are not in the bathroom. This re-trains your body to be ok with letting go in other settings.

More bowel incontinence hypnosis files coming soon!

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ABDL Hypnosis to Re-Experience childhood

Gummy bears

ABDL regression hypnosis can be a way to re-experience childhood. This is not the only reason people enjoy ABDL hypnosis. For some people it is a sexual kink or a type of age-play. For others it’s a feeling of safety, care and helplessness that has no kink component. Other enjoy ABDL hypnosis as a way to work through something from the past. All of these are valid reasons to enjoy ABDL Hypnosis. 

First off, many people want to experience childhood again to some degree. This is what nostalgia is all about. When people look through childhood photos, watch their favorite movies and cartoon, they are reliving their childhood memories and hobbies. 

Often there is a sense that you have found something again that you have forgotten about. You re-discover a part of yourself that used to exist when you get into a nostalgic mood. Everyone has some longing for the past and for childhood. Some people want to dive deeper into their childhood. This might be one of the reasons you are drawn to ABDL hypnosis, and you may not even realize it. 

Why do some people want to re-experience childhood? 

There are a few big reasons people want to re-experience childhood feeling through hypnosis. 

  • Finding safety in the familiar. You might have had some experiences or objects that gave you a strong sense of safety, like the experience of being diapered up and being wrapped in a blanket. Maybe the feeling of being cradled – still deep in your mind gives you safety. 
  • Some intense childhood experience has stayed with you. This could be positive or negative. For instance – perhaps as a child you felt shamed for having accidents, and it stuck with you. But as an adult, you find a rush of excitement in the feeling. The intensity is still there, but it’s transformed. 
  • Getting to experience a different version of your childhood. Many people who have complicated or difficult childhoods may want to re-experience them as adults. This is perfectly fine. Hypnosis gives you a second chance to feel like a child, and this time it can be better or safer. 

Whatever the reason is, re-experiencing childhood is just one of the facets of hypnosis. It may not be the reason you enjoy it.    

Some of my regression recordings can be a good way to start:

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Quarantine = An Opportunity?

I just posted this post on my Patreon and decided to re-post it here. Where I live everything is shutting down – businesses, schools, restaurants, clubs, bars. I’m now working from home. Many people  I know are  working from home and staying in their apartments. Now this could be a negative thing, especially for people who are really extraverted. However there is also an upside – spending a lot of time at home can be an opportunity to try a new lifestyle. 

Have you wondered what it would be like to be diapered 24/7? To have accidents in the middle of the day? To drink out of a bottle every day? If you are in self quarantine mode, this can be the time to try it out. If you are normally anxious about wearing diapers throughout the day in case someone sees, it may be easier to do that now! If there are private things you don’t bring to work (like a pacifier) now you can have it with you all the time. 

I had this thought when I realized this morning, after a skype call from home, that I was wearing pajama pants. I thought, wow I can just wear pajama pants for the next three weeks and no one will stop me. Haha!  I don’t have to wear “work clothes.”  I know that not everyone can do this now. If you live with roommates, partners or have other big things to be taking care of now, it might not be the ideal time to dive into ABDL. I just hope that whatever your current situation is, you can find some positive side to it.  A quarantine doesn’t have to be all bad. It can be a chance to really explore ABDL.

This goes not only for ABDL but for other lifestyles as well. I also do a lot of BDSM hypnosis ( Time spent at home can be an opportunity to try other lifestyle changes as well – staying in chastity, wearing different clothes, experimenting with gender presentation. Being in quarantine can be isolating, but it can also be a time have personal, private time. The most important thing is to stay connected to others. And of course, if you are feeling ill, prioritize your health first and foremost. I hope everyone has a nice week! 

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Halloween Wetting Accidents

Halloween is probably a time of many wetting accidents for people of all ages. Lots of people pee their pants when they’re afraid. Halloween gives so many opportunities for that. Haunted houses, scary movies, people in scary costumes jumping out at you from behind a tree. I’m sure many people have been spooked so much that they left a puddle behind in a haunted house or two.

Maybe there’s even something nostalgic about wetting your pants in a halloween costume. Imagine you’re getting ready to go out to trick or treat, but you’ve had a lot of apple cider. And you know that you sometimes when you get suddenly frightened, you have a bladder accident. But you have a nice babysitter, she’ll make you feel better after your wetting accident.

This is the theme of my newest recording. A Halloween wetting accident – with trick or treating, spookiness and a surprise bladder failure. There are some elements of embarrassment and blushing involved. If you support my Patreon you already have access to it. If you’re not a Patreon supporter you can find it here.

It’s more centered on the accident and Omorashi themes than on age regression. However you can imagine it at any age that you like.

Happy Halloween everyone! And remember, if you’re prone to having halloween wetting accidents, maybe it’s best to wear a diaper before you go to any halloween parties.

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Guidance Through Hypnosis

Besides the positive effects of changing mindset and habits, hypnosis can be a form of guidance. Even if you don’t trance easily, you can have the effects of the guidance. Humans are social animals, and social influence often guides our thoughts and behaviors. When you struggle to relax on a stressful day, talking to someone who is calm and optimistic may help you let go of your stress. In a small way, the person’s mood guides your own. In hypnosis you have a similar effect. Hearing your hypnotist’s views will guide your own views. Wether you notice it or not, hearing affirming, hypnotic words every day will have an effect on you. If hypnosis reminds you everyday to accept your ABDL habits, after a few weeks you will believe it yourself. This is guidance through hypnosis.

How my hypnosis guides

Similar to meditation and inspirational speech – hypnosis can guide you to accept, change, or believe something. Not everyone likes mediation, and not everyone likes hypnosis. However, for some people it can be the guidance that helps them move forward.

In my hypnosis, my voice guides you into a specific direction, and you follow along, like watching a bubble float through the air. With each second that you follow the bubble, your other thoughts float away. Your mind focuses only on the ideas I tell you about – bed wetting, becoming incontinent in your diaper, or a wetting fantasy scenario. Then you find yourself living the fantasy, and following the guidance. You start to believe in a new version of yourself when in this guided trance. Hypnosis guides you away from other thoughts and towards something else.

Doing what you want can be hard

I find that even in my own life there are moments when social guidance helps. Sometimes pursuing my desires stresses me out. A few months ago I decided to take a trip that I’ve wanted to take for a long time. I bought my plane tickets and got my plans together, but found that I felt stressed out by it. Paying such a huge sum of money at a one time made me worry. I wondered if things would go wrong.

Then, I talked to my sister and watched as she got so excited for me. Listening to her be happy for me, made it easier for me to be happy for myself. There was no hypnosis or overt guidance. It was simply that her optimism for my decision was contagious. It was a form of indirect guidance.

Gaining certainty

So, hypnosis can act as this guide, especially in moments when you are unsure of your decisions. For many adult babies and littles this may mean being unsure if it’s ok to act childish. For diaper lovers it may me being unsure of going against the norm and using diapers. Listening to a guiding voice tell you that there’s nothing wrong with the ABDL lifestyle can help.

Hypnosis can steers your mind in a new direction. It can steer you to accepting your own desires for age regression and letting yourself go forward. Or hypnosis may allow you to go further into incontinence and diapers. It may help you accept your ABDL desires even if they are outside the norm. In the end, hypnosis offers guidance that can truly transform your mind.

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Trance as Escapism – A Defense

Both hypnosis and the ABDL lifestyle are often seen as escapist. Hypnosis can lead you deep into trance, away from everyday life problems. The ABDL lifestyle brings the comforts of diapers, stuffies, and feeling little. It’s true that hypnosis can bring some element of escapism. But the truth is that it’s not so different from any other form of escapism. Whenever anyone sits down to watch a movie or read a book, they’re escaping their own life to be part of a different world. Sports, traveling, video games – many hobbies give us the chance to go somewhere else. It’s not bad to escape your problems. whether it’s through trance or through video games. In fact, ruminating on your problems is usually a recipe for depression.


The experience of trance can take you further. Not only does trance give you some room to breathe, but it can be a vehicle of self improvement. When you let yourself step back from your stressors – work, bills, task and just let yourself enter little-space you can find growth. In a state of trance it’s easier to build new habits and a positive mindset because your mind is open and suggestible.


Even if you’re just enjoying a fantasy through hypnosis you’re doing something positive for yourself. You’re letting yourself step away from your problems and focus on ideas that let you feel good and thrive. Experiencing your ABDL fantasies in a state of trance let’s you experience them more fully. It’s like daydreaming in HD. The deeper level of awareness and deeper sensory sensations make your daydream feel realer. Allowing yourself to daydream is not bad. In fact, daydreaming can lead to more creativity, self awareness and compassion.

Every form of escapism has it’s limits. You wouldn’t want to spend all day watching T.V when you have real life to attend to. You don’t want to spend so much time daydreaming in a state of trance, when you have responsibilities. Escapism in the right amounts allows us a window of freedom, a window into something we enjoy. Enjoying your ABDL hobbies, daydreaming and enjoying trance can be positive forms of escapism. It gives you a breath of fresh air so you can get back to real life, more refreshed than before.

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More monthly videos through Patreon!

So in the spirit of full honesty, I’ve had many issues with my hypnosis store. I plan on re-launching it soon as I continue to work on solutions. The truth is that it’s difficult to produce, sell and market ABDL content because many payment processors do not support it.

However, I plan on finding a way to continue to sell those classic hypno recordings. I know that many people have benefitted from my diaper dependency trilogy, and people continue to email to ask about them. All the files in my hypnosis store are long, deep, carefully designed recordings.

The store with those diaper and age regression recordings will be up soon as I move them to a new platform. Alongside my hypno store, I am working on something new!

To make my ABDL hypnosis work more accessible I have launched a Patreon! For a lower price, you can get subscribe to new monthly recordings. For anyone who wants to follow me on this journey and get more access to diaper, wetting and adult baby recordings, subscribe to my Patreon:

I am still learning about Patreon and discovering how to use it. As time goes on I hope to evolve and develop my Hypno Mommy presence on both Youtube and Patreon. I also want to launch a kind of suggestion box on reddit for future recordings.

Thanks to all who continue to support me and send me nice messages. It really makes me smile, even if you can’t see it over the internet.

-Mommy V

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Shame in ABDL – How to overcome it!

One of the biggest things that gets in the way of fully enjoying your diapers is your own mind. I talk to many people who know that the ABDL lifestyle is part of them, but who struggle to fully accept it. There can be negative feelings – of shame, uncertainty or embarrassment. However – all of these feelings are just feelings – and you can overcome them. There are a few thoughts that may help you overcome shame when you pursue your ABDL lifestyle.

Everyone has something that gives them comfort.

What that thing is varies from person to person. However everyone has a basic right to enjoy their life and have hobbies. You have a right to enjoy your ABDL lifestyle. As long as you are not hurting anyone, there is nothing wrong with finding comfort in diapers or regression. Looking for comfort and relaxation is part of being human. That’s nothing to be ashamed about!

Everyone has parts of themselves outside of social rules.

Social rules are just ideas that a large group of people have agreed to. And social rules are different in different countries. If you talk to most people about what they’re interested in, everyone has something they know would be considered a little weird. You’re not alone here, everyone is somewhat outside of social rules. There is no shame in being an adult baby or a diaper lover!

Everyone is different!

Maybe not everyone will understand your ABDL lifestyle, but they don’t have to. Everyone has their own lifestyles, including lifestyle you wouldn’t understand. Just because it might seem weird to someone else doesn’t mean it is bad. Remember – you don’t need to have everyone’s approval to enjoy your life. All that matters is that you are enjoying your own life, with all it’s happy moments.

The more you accept the things you like, the more you can enjoy them. Shame and secrecy can make your ABDL lifestyle feel restrained. As you overcome the negative feelings, nurture yourself. Allow yourself to really enjoy the feelings you get from diapers and ABDL activities.

If you want to feel more positive feelings about yourself, you can purchase my Diaper Reassurance file for $12. In this new recording, my voice guides you into feelings of comfort and relaxation. Once in a peaceful state, I weed out any feelings of shame or uncertainty and reassure you that there is a place for diapers in your life. This file is available again, please contact me if interested.

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How to be your ABDL’s Caregiver

As a caregiver you can be soft and cuddly or a bit more strict and firm. If you are new to having a little or adult baby, this is a good place to start. If you are a little and want someone to be your caretaker you can also follow these steps. A caregiver role involves a combination of care and taking control, I’ll call these “soft affection” and “firm affection”.  After all, giving discipline to your little may be an important part of your little’s journey. Striking the balance between care and control is important.

Step 1: Discuss your needs and limits

Before you begin, you should both write down a few sentences about what you want to gain, as well as your limits. Share your writings with each other, and see what you have in common. Maybe your little wants a strict caregiver, and you aren’t sure if you want to be strict. Knowing this, you can decide how you can try our a new role. Discuss if you want your ABDL relationship to be 24/7 or only sometimes. Ask your little – what age do they regress to when they enter little space? How do they want to be treated when they are in that mental state? Most importantly, talk about your limits. Everyone has a different limit, which may shift over time. It’s okay if your limits are not the same, as long as you respect those boundaries.

Step 2: Explore soft affection

Ask your little about what gives them comfort. Are there comfort items – like a stuffed toy that they need to have near them? What are the things that help your little get into little-space? When are the times that they most need a comforting hug or a pacifier? How often do they want to be in little space with you? It may sound technical, but knowing how many times per week, or which days (for instance weekends) they want to feel little, can help you have the best experience. What are the types of physical affection your little likes most? How can you reward your little for good behaviors?

Step 3: Explore firm affection

Firm affection has to do with establishing rules, schedules, and discipline. As a caretaker this might mean setting a bed time, setting rules to get your little to eat vegetables, or giving them punishment for a bad habit. Are there any punishments that are a hard limit for your little? Decide together which habits you want your little to build, and decide if using rewards, punishments or both will work best. Decide together if you want to have a schedule that you follow. It may even help to write it out on a calendar. Similarly, if there are rules you want your little to follow, you can write them down on a piece of paper so your little can look back to them and pay attention.

Remember, all of these things may change as you explore your relationship and that’s okay! The important thing is to always return to your discussion and make sure that you are both in agreement.