ABDL Hypnosis

Hypnosis can you help you reach the state you want to be in. It can plant new habits, reverse your potty training, and help you reach little space. During hypnosis you reach a place where you are totally comfortable and unusually suggestible, absorbing new behaviors, new ideas, new habits. With some gentle guidance and influence you can reach little space, develop babyish behaviors and even have unconscious accidents. 

My hypnosis style is mostly built off comfort and influence rather than force/ brainwashing. I think background music and sounds can be distracting so I mostly avoid them. However, I’m planning on dabbling in trying out these elements- force, background music and sound effects so I’m always interested in hearing suggestions for recordings from customers 🙂

Check out my hypnosis store to see my ABDL hypnosis recordings. If you’d like to hear my voice and get a taste of my hypnosis style, check out my free audio. For a custom recording or to suggest something for my store, feel free to contact me here 🙂

An overview of what can happen during hypnosis:

Short Terms Effects: During your trance you might feel like you’ve entered a dream. You may feel differently about your body and self perception during the trance, but once it’s ver you’ll return to a normal state of mind. Once you come out of the trance, you may feel some light after-effects for the next few hours at most.

Long Term Effects: With repeated hypnosis you can develop new habits in your daily life. These habits will slowly take root and appear in your life. When you decide you want a long lasting change, be sure to think it over, as it can be difficult to undo. These habits will become more permanent the more you listen to the hypnosis. If you have a specific habit you’d like to make or break, you can contact me for a special recording.

Whatever your desires are, hypnosis can help you achieve them. Remember- in hypnosis there are no taboos, only open doors.