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How to Wet Your Pants in Public

So you want to wet your pants in public for the very first time! You have thought about wetting yourself in public but have been too scared to do it. You’ve daydreamed about letting your warm pee stream down your pants. Maybe you even like the idea that a nearby stranger sees you potty dancing until you can’t hold your bladder anymore. Does this sound like you? If you’re not sure if you like the idea, listen to my free Wet Your Pants Illusion. This hypnosis file leads you to imagine wetting yourself in a park by accident!

Summertime is the perfect time to have an accident in public. There are many ways you can wet your pants without anyone directly noticing. Wetting your pants can be an age regression experience, or just a fun and embarrassing activity. So how do you plan for an accident?

Step 1 – Pick a place to wet your pants

The place where you have your first wetting accident will be unforgettable. It will be the place where you found out for sure that you are a pants wetter. So where should you go? For your first accident choose a  quiet, stress free place. 

Some good places are: an empty park early in the morning, on a nature trail, or at a beach beach. Now decide, where and how you want to pee yourself. If you go to a park, you can sit down on the grass and simply let your bladder empty. This is less obvious than having an accident standing up. You can also pick a hidden spot behind a tree or a bush and let yourself have an accident.

A beach is a great place to wet your pants because no one will suspect a thing. Just lay down on your beach towel in your swimsuit and feel how you cannot hold it in anymore. You can just swim in the water to rinse off signs of your little accident. Everyone will assume the wet spot on your towel is from swimming. No one will guess that you are a pants wetter! 

Step 2 – Get back-up clothes

Get a sweater to wrap around your pants, a long skirt  or a change of clothes. Have something with you that can cover up the wet patch on your pants. If you like the idea of blushing when others see what you’ve done, you don’t have to cover it up. It’s good to be prepared just in case…  

Step 3 – Mentally prepare to wet yourself

You are going to have an accident. It’s inevitable. Accept that wherever you are going, you will make a puddle on the ground. If wetting your pants makes you feel little, accept this too. Maybe you have come close to having accidents in public already… but this time is the real deal. 

Drink a lot of water and liquids. As you drink up feel how it is filling your bladder and feel how your bladder gets weaker and weaker. Start to tell yourself that you might not make it… get into the accident mindset. When your bladder starts to feel really full, start to potty dance. Get your body and mind into the state where you feel that you cannot stop yourself from having a bladder accident.

If you want help getting into the mental state, you can purchase my covert file Go Blank and Wet Yourself in which I use conversational hypnosis to get you to relax, go blank and wet yourself!

Step 4 – Get encouragement (if you need it)

If you have a Mommy or someone who encourages your little side, you can ask for encouragement to wet your pants. I have given many littles and babies encouragement to pee themselves. It can help to have a voice of guidance remind you that inside you are a pants wetter. ABDL and Wetting forums like are also great for getting encouragement from others. Then you can report to Mommy or to someone else to tell them about the experience. If you want this encouragement from me consider become a patron on my patreon, since this is my main way of communicating with littles.

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3 thoughts on “How to Wet Your Pants in Public

  1. I love to go walking and wetting myself along the way. I usually wear very dark shorts without underwear so I can dry faster. Love feeling the warm pee run down my legs and feet. I go barefoot so no shoes and socks to worry about. I carry an extra t-shirt of jacket to hold in front of me in case I get close to other people. after a few minutes, people can’t see that I have wet myself because of the very dark shorts.

    1. i put on two thick and noisy diapers taped around my waist that way my wet diapers will not sag down and i put on two plastic pants, a plastic bloomer and my pink plastic sissy baby dress then white tights and pink mary jane 3 inch shoes. i drank two galloons of water in two hours and i ate half a box of ELAX. and i went outside and walked to the cemtary one mile away and i had to go so bad i filled up both diapers in 20 minits

  2. I am in the park peeing and everyone is starring at me!!!

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