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Spankings from Mommy

Spankings from Mommy are a classic mode of punishment for a Mommy in the ABDL dynamic. When the little one is not following the rules, sometimes a spanking or two is in order.  

Of course a good ABDL Mommy will not give a spanking just because, she will spank her little one (the adult baby) because there is a reason. For instance: 

– If you’ve wet yourself and didn’t tell Mommy but instead tried to hide the evidence.  

– If you were supposed to wear your diaper but you broke the rule and wore underwear. 

– If you didn’t wear your diaper like you were supposed to and had an accident on the carpet.  

– If you secretly drank all that soda that you’re no allowed to drink before bed, and then wet the bed.  

– If you have an accident on the floor and try to blame it on the dog! But Mommy still finds your wet pants and knows that you are the pants wetter. 

– If you have an accident in your diaper and lie about it to Mommy. Mommy will just check your diaper and see what you’ve done. 

Of course a good ABDL Mommy can also spank you just because you’ve had the accident – this would be a very strict Mommy. In my mind, a Mommy who is a balanced authority will not spank you for an accident. She’ll just explain that you need to wear diapers for the rest of the day. If however you don’t follow Mommy’s diaper rule… then spankings are in order.  

I’m sure there are mixed opinions on spankings in the ABDL world, and if you want them to be part of your ABDL experience. Some adult babies and diaper lovers love the concept of punishment from Mommy and some  really prefer a soft, encouraging Mommy. What do you think about spankings? Comment below!

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  1. If the little baby is angry and just doesn’t want to hear, a good spanking is also in order. Sometimes it has to be fixed in its crib while it has time to think about it.😉

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