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Can hypnosis make you permanently bowel incontinent?

One of the bigger lifestyle changes – the permanent loss of bowel control can be hard to achieve. If you are new to ABDL you may wonder if it’s possible at all. It is possible! With some muscle training, behavior conditioning and hypnosis, anything is possible. This includes losing control of your muscles to the point that you wet and mess your diaper without even noticing.

Being able to loss control of your bladder is generally easier, with or without hypnosis. With time, the less you hold in your bladder, the less control of it you have. You can un-train these muscles if you focus on it every day. The main obstacle is that most people hold in their bladder muscles automatically. Hypnosis really helps with this, helping you learn to release your bladder as soon as it’s full. The post hypnotic effects will remind your body to wet your diaper automatically, unconsciously. Eventually you re-train your body to no longer hold in your bladder muscles and to simply let them relax. This is one of the core goals in my Permanent Loss of Bladder Control Mp3 files. You can read about Permanent Loss of Bladder Control part 1, part 2 and part 3.

Permanent Loss of Bowel Control

Now I’m working on hypnosis files focused on permanent loss of bowel control. Bowel muscles are tighter, stiffer and less fidgety than bladder muscles, which means it takes time. For ABDL’s who want to become completely diaper dependent and completely bowel incontinent this is more of a challenge. With hypnosis, patience and training it IS possible. If you are on the path to becoming diaper dependent, you’ll find you become bladder incontinent first, before you become bowel incontinent.

The most important thing with becoming so bowel incontinent that you mess your diaper, is changing your body’s automatic responses. You need to learn to relax your bowel muscles, when you have the urge to go. Hypnosis can condition you to change your automatic response. Instead of tightening your bowel muscles, you have the automatic instinct to give in and relax. You will go through a long phase of weakening Over time, as you do this more and your bowel muscles.

This is why the first hypnosis recording I’ve made with some element of bowel incontinence is a bowel weakening file. This file does not focus on making you completely incontinent, but simply weakening your bowel muscles.

I use a powerful hypnotic trance to hypnotize you and re-train your bowel muscles to be weaker, leaving long term effects. In the process I train your mind to relax and accept it. When you get the urge to go the bathroom, instead of tightening your muscles, your mind and body will start to relax.

Listening to this hypnosis file once a week will cause your bowel muscles to be a little bit weaker, but not completely incontinent. If you listen to this multiple times a week, the effects will get stronger over time an could lead to incontinence (this is a gradual process). You will notice some effects on your bowels muscles and your ability to control your urge within hours after listening to this recording.

Suggestions for those seeking Bowel Incontinence:

  • Get your water and fiber! If you drink more water and eat a lot of high fiber food like fruits and vegetables, you will find that’s easier for you to lose control of your bowels. It’s easier to mess your diaper when you eat soft, fiber rich foods.
  • Allow yourself to relax your body throughout the day
  • Practice loosening your bowel muscles when you are not in the bathroom. This re-trains your body to be ok with letting go in other settings.

More bowel incontinence hypnosis files coming soon!

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