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ABDL Hypnosis to Re-Experience childhood

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ABDL regression hypnosis can be a way to re-experience childhood. This is not the only reason people enjoy ABDL hypnosis. For some people it is a sexual kink or a type of age-play. For others it’s a feeling of safety, care and helplessness that has no kink component. Other enjoy ABDL hypnosis as a way to work through something from the past. All of these are valid reasons to enjoy ABDL Hypnosis. 

First off, many people want to experience childhood again to some degree. This is what nostalgia is all about. When people look through childhood photos, watch their favorite movies and cartoon, they are reliving their childhood memories and hobbies. 

Often there is a sense that you have found something again that you have forgotten about. You re-discover a part of yourself that used to exist when you get into a nostalgic mood. Everyone has some longing for the past and for childhood. Some people want to dive deeper into their childhood. This might be one of the reasons you are drawn to ABDL hypnosis, and you may not even realize it. 

Why do some people want to re-experience childhood? 

There are a few big reasons people want to re-experience childhood feeling through hypnosis. 

  • Finding safety in the familiar. You might have had some experiences or objects that gave you a strong sense of safety, like the experience of being diapered up and being wrapped in a blanket. Maybe the feeling of being cradled – still deep in your mind gives you safety. 
  • Some intense childhood experience has stayed with you. This could be positive or negative. For instance – perhaps as a child you felt shamed for having accidents, and it stuck with you. But as an adult, you find a rush of excitement in the feeling. The intensity is still there, but it’s transformed. 
  • Getting to experience a different version of your childhood. Many people who have complicated or difficult childhoods may want to re-experience them as adults. This is perfectly fine. Hypnosis gives you a second chance to feel like a child, and this time it can be better or safer. 

Whatever the reason is, re-experiencing childhood is just one of the facets of hypnosis. It may not be the reason you enjoy it.    

Some of my regression recordings can be a good way to start:

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