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Halloween Wetting Accidents

Halloween is probably a time of many wetting accidents for people of all ages. Lots of people pee their pants when they’re afraid. Halloween gives so many opportunities for that. Haunted houses, scary movies, people in scary costumes jumping out at you from behind a tree. I’m sure many people have been spooked so much that they left a puddle behind in a haunted house or two.

Maybe there’s even something nostalgic about wetting your pants in a halloween costume. Imagine you’re getting ready to go out to trick or treat, but you’ve had a lot of apple cider. And you know that you sometimes when you get suddenly frightened, you have a bladder accident. But you have a nice babysitter, she’ll make you feel better after your wetting accident.

This is the theme of my newest recording. A Halloween wetting accident – with trick or treating, spookiness and a surprise bladder failure. There are some elements of embarrassment and blushing involved. If you support my Patreon you already have access to it. If you’re not a Patreon supporter you can find it here.

It’s more centered on the accident and Omorashi themes than on age regression. However you can imagine it at any age that you like.

Happy Halloween everyone! And remember, if you’re prone to having halloween wetting accidents, maybe it’s best to wear a diaper before you go to any halloween parties.

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