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Guidance Through Hypnosis

Besides the positive effects of changing mindset and habits, hypnosis can be a form of guidance. Even if you don’t trance easily, you can have the effects of the guidance. Humans are social animals, and social influence often guides our thoughts and behaviors. When you struggle to relax on a stressful day, talking to someone who is calm and optimistic may help you let go of your stress. In a small way, the person’s mood guides your own. In hypnosis you have a similar effect. Hearing your hypnotist’s views will guide your own views. Wether you notice it or not, hearing affirming, hypnotic words every day will have an effect on you. If hypnosis reminds you everyday to accept your ABDL habits, after a few weeks you will believe it yourself. This is guidance through hypnosis.

How my hypnosis guides

Similar to meditation and inspirational speech – hypnosis can guide you to accept, change, or believe something. Not everyone likes mediation, and not everyone likes hypnosis. However, for some people it can be the guidance that helps them move forward.

In my hypnosis, my voice guides you into a specific direction, and you follow along, like watching a bubble float through the air. With each second that you follow the bubble, your other thoughts float away. Your mind focuses only on the ideas I tell you about – bed wetting, becoming incontinent in your diaper, or a wetting fantasy scenario. Then you find yourself living the fantasy, and following the guidance. You start to believe in a new version of yourself when in this guided trance. Hypnosis guides you away from other thoughts and towards something else.

Doing what you want can be hard

I find that even in my own life there are moments when social guidance helps. Sometimes pursuing my desires stresses me out. A few months ago I decided to take a trip that I’ve wanted to take for a long time. I bought my plane tickets and got my plans together, but found that I felt stressed out by it. Paying such a huge sum of money at a one time made me worry. I wondered if things would go wrong.

Then, I talked to my sister and watched as she got so excited for me. Listening to her be happy for me, made it easier for me to be happy for myself. There was no hypnosis or overt guidance. It was simply that her optimism for my decision was contagious. It was a form of indirect guidance.

Gaining certainty

So, hypnosis can act as this guide, especially in moments when you are unsure of your decisions. For many adult babies and littles this may mean being unsure if it’s ok to act childish. For diaper lovers it may me being unsure of going against the norm and using diapers. Listening to a guiding voice tell you that there’s nothing wrong with the ABDL lifestyle can help.

Hypnosis can steers your mind in a new direction. It can steer you to accepting your own desires for age regression and letting yourself go forward. Or hypnosis may allow you to go further into incontinence and diapers. It may help you accept your ABDL desires even if they are outside the norm. In the end, hypnosis offers guidance that can truly transform your mind.

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