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Trance as Escapism – A Defense

Both hypnosis and the ABDL lifestyle are often seen as escapist. Hypnosis can lead you deep into trance, away from everyday life problems. The ABDL lifestyle brings the comforts of diapers, stuffies, and feeling little. It’s true that hypnosis can bring some element of escapism. But the truth is that it’s not so different from any other form of escapism. Whenever anyone sits down to watch a movie or read a book, they’re escaping their own life to be part of a different world. Sports, traveling, video games – many hobbies give us the chance to go somewhere else. It’s not bad to escape your problems. whether it’s through trance or through video games. In fact, ruminating on your problems is usually a recipe for depression.


The experience of trance can take you further. Not only does trance give you some room to breathe, but it can be a vehicle of self improvement. When you let yourself step back from your stressors – work, bills, task and just let yourself enter little-space you can find growth. In a state of trance it’s easier to build new habits and a positive mindset because your mind is open and suggestible.


Even if you’re just enjoying a fantasy through hypnosis you’re doing something positive for yourself. You’re letting yourself step away from your problems and focus on ideas that let you feel good and thrive. Experiencing your ABDL fantasies in a state of trance let’s you experience them more fully. It’s like daydreaming in HD. The deeper level of awareness and deeper sensory sensations make your daydream feel realer. Allowing yourself to daydream is not bad. In fact, daydreaming can lead to more creativity, self awareness and compassion.

Every form of escapism has it’s limits. You wouldn’t want to spend all day watching T.V when you have real life to attend to. You don’t want to spend so much time daydreaming in a state of trance, when you have responsibilities. Escapism in the right amounts allows us a window of freedom, a window into something we enjoy. Enjoying your ABDL hobbies, daydreaming and enjoying trance can be positive forms of escapism. It gives you a breath of fresh air so you can get back to real life, more refreshed than before.

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