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More monthly videos through Patreon!

So in the spirit of full honesty, I’ve had many issues with my hypnosis store. I plan on re-launching it soon as I continue to work on solutions. The truth is that it’s difficult to produce, sell and market ABDL content because many payment processors do not support it.

However, I plan on finding a way to continue to sell those classic hypno recordings. I know that many people have benefitted from my diaper dependency trilogy, and people continue to email to ask about them. All the files in my hypnosis store are long, deep, carefully designed recordings.

The store with those diaper and age regression recordings will be up soon as I move them to a new platform. Alongside my hypno store, I am working on something new!

To make my ABDL hypnosis work more accessible I have launched a Patreon! For a lower price, you can get subscribe to new monthly recordings. For anyone who wants to follow me on this journey and get more access to diaper, wetting and adult baby recordings, subscribe to my Patreon:

I am still learning about Patreon and discovering how to use it. As time goes on I hope to evolve and develop my Hypno Mommy presence on both Youtube and Patreon. I also want to launch a kind of suggestion box on reddit for future recordings.

Thanks to all who continue to support me and send me nice messages. It really makes me smile, even if you can’t see it over the internet.

-Mommy V

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