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ABDL Alternative Caregivers Roles

In the ABDL lifestyle, a caregiver is someone who takes care of their baby/little. A caretaker does not have to be a romantic partner. It can be a friend or anyone who makes you feel safe. Often a caregiver has a role of a caring authority figure. Someone who gives you affection but also makes decisions for you and takes control of situations. The ABDL world tends to focus on Mommy and Daddy roles. However, there are many more roles beyond Mommy and Daddy and they each can have their benefits.  Some people may not like the idea of a caregiver being parental role or simply might enjoy a different idea more. I’ve come up with some alternative caregiver roles:


I see a babysitter role as being someone who is caring, playful and more laid back than a parent. Someone who’s there to keep an eye on you but probably lets you get away with eating extra cookies and staying up late. A babysitter doesn’t have as much of a commitment as a parent does, so they are caring in a casual way.


The way I envision a nanny is similar to a babysitter but perhaps more strict. Nannies also can be more invested since they can be live-in nannies. As an ABDL caregiver a nanny might be someone who has a focus on training or using discipline for their adult baby/ little. Of course all nannies are different and some may be much more strict than others!

Older sibling

An older sibling dynamic is one with less of a power difference than a daddy/mommy dynamic. Sibling dynamics don’t have as much of an emphasis on having rules or responsibilities. An older sibling gets to make the decisions but still play with you! They might also tease you or poke fun at you in a way that a parent wouldn’t.


Even if there isn’t such a big age gap, a caretaker can have this role. Being a grandparent can also be similar to being a parent but with it’s own charms. Grandparents often have their own activities like sitting on a rocking chair, telling stories, baking cookies. A grandparent can be like a parent who is a little older, slower, wiser.

Aunt or Uncle

And aunt or uncle figure can be similar to an parent in terms of responsibilities and affection but toned down a little. Usually aunts and uncles have looser rules when taking care of babies/littles. They can be more unpredictable or have more fun surprises in store than a parent.


A teacher is a special kind of caretaker, since their affection is usually not physical but mental. A teacher is someone who nurtures through guidance and words. For an ABDL relationship that is focused on growing, reaching goals and making progress, a teacher can be a great caretaker role.


For some ABDL’s physical care-taking is important. A nurse character would be like the inverse of a teacher. Instead of using words and guidance, a nurse is more likely to handle cleaning, diaper changing, bathing and physical care. Some ABDL’s may prefer a physical connection without the rules or discipline of a parental role.

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