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October Diaper Dependency Sale


October is my favorite month of the year! I l love Halloween and all the nostalgia that come with it, carving pumpkins, watching Halloween movies, eating candy corn! It’s also a great time for transformation when you dress up as whatever you want to be, whether it’s something scary or silly. I’ve found that dressing up for Halloween can be a time for people to experiment with their identity, including experimenting with diapers.

There’s finally an excuse to dress a little edgier or dye your hair purple. For some more reserved people, it’s the one time of year when they can be a little weird an no one will notice. It’s also the only time of year when people wear black lipstick without coming across as goth. So October is a magical time – the leaves change, the temperature changes, people change. Enjoy October with the goal of going deeper into your ABDL identity, letting that transformation happen. Let yourself lose control of your bladder and become diaper dependent. It’ll ensure that you are extra warm in the winter when you’re in a diaper.

Enjoy a 50% of sale on all my diaper dependency hypnosis recordings! 


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