Welcome ABDL Lover

Hypno-Mommy knows best how to regress you back to feeling little, diapered and safe.

What Hypno-Mommy Wants for You

As a Mommy I am here to encourage you to be the little baby you want to be. I believe in the power of hypnosis and I know it can bring you the freedom of pursuing the lifestyle you truly want. Whether it’s short term age regression or long term identity change, I aim to create positive changes through hypnosis with zero judgment. As a Hypno-Mommy I am all about encouraging you to uncover your hidden little side and feeling safe with Mommy.

How Hypno- Mommy will transform you

As a mommy who is skilled in taking over your subconscious mind, I can take you in many directions. I can regress you to infancy, toddler age or even big kid age so you can be little again. In a state of trance you go through an age regression experience and feel your mind reverting back to a toddler mind. This can come with post-hypnotic effects, meaning you can state in a regressed state for a few hours.

My ABDL hypnosis can also have short – term hypnotic bodily effects. This means while you are listening you wet yourself, regress or wet the bed, but only while listening to my hypnosis. Once the hypnosis track is over, you return to being an adult.

My ABDL hypnosis can also instill long term changes. I can re-program your bladder and bowel muscles with long term effects, aiding your incontinence and diaper – dependency. I am very aware of the mental and physical blocks that you may encounter when trying to become diaper-dependent, and I can help you over come them.

*** Incontinence / Diaper Dependency can be achieved with or without age regression in the hypnosis.

Listen to Hypno-Mommy for free

Make sure you are alone and won’t be disturbed for twenty minutes, close the blinds, find a comfortable spot to sit or lie down. Maybe grab a blankie or a teddy to get very comfy. When you are ready, I want you to hit play and lay back and let my soft Mommy voice guide you 🙂